Posted by: shopannies | February 25, 2009

Works For me wednesday

Around my house there are not allot of tempting snacks primarily because I am a diabetic and my son is too. So when given the chance to have a snack we will pick veggies, crackers or Jello. I thought I was rather cool and had taught myself a new cooking trick on how to make sure jello did not stick to the pan or come out with a gelled bottom. Turned out my mom already knew but for you who don’t here it is

When preparing jello make sure that the hot water it calls for is boiling and mix as suggested on the box. Before pouring into mold or casserole which I use spray with a thin layer of cooking spray. Now that may be easy but let me tell you it took me a while to figure it out.

For more works for you Wednesday visit its new home at We Are That Family


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