Posted by: shopannies | April 11, 2009

Friday Fave 5

Fridays’s Fave Five:
1. My daughter turned 17 this week oh what a big day that is. Soon she will be making more and more decisions for her self and growing up will see many changes. My other 2 girls are older than her so I have been here before. The thing is I do not know if that is a good thing or a bad one.
2. Company came over and all had a great time. At first we were not going to invite anyone because we did not know if anyone would be coming over. But we did and everyone that we invited showed up. What a suprise and a good one.
3. Sunday was awesome we had a great lesson in bible study on the subject on Palms Sunday and oh the greatness of the message was. I can not wait to hear this Sunday’s message. But we had a great time then we came home and had a great meal
4. The charity auction went over well and I really did great. I even won a certificate that I paid $15 for and will save $90 in the long run. It was a certificate for $90 off of the storage units and I loved it saved money and did great
5. i have loved reading the many blogs on the subject of Easter and the days prior to it. What wonderful post there have been this week.
Do you want to list your fave 5? Well head over to the blog Living to Tell The Story here and join in.

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