Posted by: shopannies | May 11, 2009

Tips to keep produce longer

I love the farmer market and the produce i get from them
Here is a little reminder of how you can keep them longer
  • To keep ears of corn for longer you can take off the husks, and wrap the ears in damp paper towel. Place the corn in the fridge until you are ready to use them. You can also freeze corn on the cob (tip to help remove those hated little silks is to clean them with a toothbrush)
  • For carrots and celery keep them in cold water in the fridge this will clean them as well as have them last longer ready for eating or cutting up
  • For peaches you can help them ripen on your kitchen counter. When ripe place in single layer on bottom shelf of fridge
  • For berries store layered on paper towel in fridge til ready to use do not wash or hull til ready to use
  • watermelon can be kept out of fridge away from sun in dry place. Refrigerate after cutting only

For more great tips and ideas head over to the blog 11th heaven homemakers haven and for more great kitchen tips visit Tammy’s Recipes and for more help around the house ideas visit the blog 5 minutes for mom listed as well at the blog We are that family for works for me wednesday


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