Posted by: shopannies | May 15, 2009

Fridays’s Fave Five

It is Friday again and time to wrap up the past week with a list of our favorite five. Here’s my list

  1. Sunday was a great day as we had 11 babies dedicated at church (yes 11) and also got to see the music minister of our church in a dress. Did not reckon on ever seeing that but for mothers day we had a play that many of the great put on.
  2. Mothers day was great and I received lots of love from those that I had helped raise, raised and the littlest ones around. I also received a card from a dear friend that gave me respect of being a mother to so many
  3. Last Saturday was such a blast with the whole family here to celebrate my sons birthday it was truly lots of fun. I believe that there are some that can not believe that we are all getting along so well
  4. My 2 oldest have been spending the night over at their aunt and uncles house. Oldest daughter goes on Senior trip today. She will have a blast I am sure. I hope that it does not rain on them
  5. Storms swept through here last weekend it was a rough going for many of them. The electricity is just now on, one week later. Such devastation and just yesterday my town was hit by massive storm which blew lots of trees down, knocked the announcer box out of the air smashing to the ground, the score board has been smashed, the weight room and storage sheds are destroyed and many problems throughout the town happened. Here at home the storm hit that afternoon. when my daughter tried her graduation cap and gown on. The tears wailed up in eyes and she began to be real emotional. I am sure that she is both happy and sad that this time in her life has arrived

To list your favorite 5 or to see what others listed visit the blog Living to Tell the Story

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