Posted by: shopannies | May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday fragments allows us to list those little things that we have left out of our little blogging post for one reason or another
I have been avoiding my daughters bedroom for nearly a week now. I know that she will be coming home and not totally moving out for nearly a year. The problem is I miss her so badly it is not even funny. What will I do when she is not here. My little angel has graduated from highschool, will stay here a year and move on out on her own. Congratulations to her and I am her on the boat for as long as she needs me
My son, slammed his finger in a metal window yesterday. It smarted really good but was not all that bad. I did take a bit of skin and meat out of his hand. I believe we were lucky it was not worse than that. I believe that God was helping to hold that window up a bit. I have heard that people have had their hands cut off in accidents such as this
My other son who will be playing his senior year of highschool football this year brought home yet another sheet of equipment we will have to buy. Yes he does have his own money but if it is for school or sports they only pay 1/2 of the cost. Equipment is needed to keep them safe and I am happy to help out with this
School will be out in just a few more days. Oh the school year has passed so quickly and the next year will be double hard as 2 of them will graduate. One of them of course is my own son and the other my sisters child that I have raised since a tiny little baby. Oh how bitter sweet to see them grow up but also knowing that they were succesful in school.
The weather outside has been great. I hope to be able to do a bit of rumaging this weekend. I would love to find some great stuff and some items that are needed. If I do I will be sure to add that next week
Well want to add your own little tidbits or read others head over to the blog Half Past Kissin Time

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