Posted by: shopannies | May 29, 2009

Slow Cook Swiss Steak

I love my crockpot in the summer because I can cook meals without heating the house up. Here is a great weight watcher recipe for you.
Swiss Steak
3 T flour
1 t ground mustard
1/2 t salt
1 1/2 lb beef boneless round steak (8 pieces)
2 T oil
onion, sliced
bell pepper, sliced
14.5 oz can diced tomatoes, I like seasoned (un drained)
Mix flour, mustard and salt. Coat beef with flour mixture. Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Cook beef 15 minutes until brown. Place in 3 1/2 to 5 quart crock pot, and top with onion and bell pepper. Mix tomatoes ; pour over beef and vegetables. Cover and cook on low heat setting 6-10 hours.
for more great slow cook recipes visit the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom also check out simply delicous sunday at the blog 3 sides of Crazy also shared on the blog Organize With Sandy

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