Posted by: shopannies | June 12, 2009

Friday Fragments: June 12, 2009

Man do I have alot to share with you all this week lets begin with>>>>

  • past weekend was a blast how great it was to get away from home and spend time with my daughter and her family. My teens did very well at home as well. This is great as I now have a feeling they are getting older and maturing This always places a smile on a mothers face.
  • hubby has a thing for cartoon glasses. you know the kind that the restraunts used to use for promotions. Well we had quite a few and after last weekend we have even more. This is great as they make my husband very happy. Guess what I found on ebay for him. A set of cartoon glasses from Happy Days, man talk about great finds and I will be giving them to him as part of his fathers day.
  • We are restoring a 1978 van, can you believe it is vintage. We will be taking it to car shows etc…. We love it and it is the type that the old surfers would have used. I will post pictures of the guys working on it one day. That is when they allow me to

What’s going on in your life? Well share them and let me know or read others over at the blog Half Past Kissin’ Time also shared at the blog Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers


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