Posted by: shopannies | July 13, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

1. Do you have a tattoo…?? if so What and where is it??
if not do you have a secret desire to have one?

Nope do not have one do not want one have fear of needles

2. You have been offered a free botox treatment…where do you have them put it?

nowhere once again no desire, hate needles

3. Do you have a good luck charm? what is it?
Do you think it works?

No not really, used to have a rabbits foot but then the rabbit came back and got it

4. When was the last time that you said something to someone that you REALLY wished you hadn’t said?

lastnight when it came back to bite me and was told to someone that should never of heard it

5. The bath water is running, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking and there is someone at the door…..what do you do?

Yell out Calgon take me away and see if it really works

6. Your best friend from high school just popped in from out of town. do you offer them a place to stay or suggest a hotel?

if they want to stay here with me and 6 teens they are more than welcome

7. Have you ever seen a ghost?

I would say yes or what I thought was a ghost

8. Someone is driving in front of you rather erratically and slowing you way down…now you see that they are talking on a cell phone and checking themselves out in the mirror. The other lane is blocked off so you can not go around them. What do you do??

be patient and possibly honk to wake them up to what they are doing

Want to participate? Head over here

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