Posted by: shopannies | August 7, 2009

Fridays Fave Five

As the summer winds down life gets fixated on going back to school. Often we overlook what is right in front of us:

  • New friends like Stephanie who i met at camp this year. We had seen each other before said hi in formality and kindness but never spoke. Since going to camp we have become really great friends and I thank her for her kindness and friendship. Sometimes we overlook those friends that we see quite often but don’t take the time to talk to.
  • Old friends like my sister in law who stopped by the other day. We have so much going on that it becomes rather hard to have the get together we loved so much. She has 3 little children and I have 5 teenagers living at home. So when we were able to get together we talked for nearly an hour and a half just having a great time and catching up with the going ons.
  • The shopping places that we often overlook. I found a great hole in the wall shop the other day that sold great school supplies cheaper than any store I could visit. I love it the great buys I found and my children said I did great as well. It is always gratifying when your daughter starting college lets you know that “you did a good job mom”.
  • The local lady down at the mom and pop grocery shop near my house. This lady a few short months ago I can truly say was not very kind person to me. Short in temper service without a smile and no conversation at all. Now after shopping there I decided to try to make a friend of this lady as the little shop has some of the best meat in town. I can say that now this lady speaks to me easily and even smiles. I believe that our conversations have started to grow a little she reminds me of one of my grandmothers who was quiet until you got to know her. I am so glad that I took the time to make a friend.
  • The time that we have to ponder over memories old and new. I have been missing my granddaughter this week and believe my children have as well. I can tell you we have been telling stories old and new about nearly every member of the family and the friends some of which we still see and others that have moved out of our lives. It is great that they have so many stories. This makes me happy because they will be able to share these stories with friends they may make, spouses in their future and hopefully their children.

Want to list your fav 5 or see what others are? Head over to the blog Living to Tell the Story


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