Posted by: shopannies | August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday finds me with a full heart of love, faith, belief and a bit of fear. This week I have had my son visit the doctor for his heart and thus far there is no one that seems to know anything. This week also was one where I accompanied my son to where he will be living for at least the next 3 years. My son will be attending a Christian college away from home.
I am thankful for the prayer warriors that are there for my son. The love that he is being given along with a great Christian friend being his doctor. His doctor was smart enough to send him to a specialist. I am thankful for all the health care workers that helped us through a scary night over the weekend when my son had chest pains in his heart. I am also very thankful for the interest that is being expressed in the care of my child. But most of all I am thankful that the Lord up above holds the wisdom and that my son does not ask why me but only states God has a plan.
I am very thankful that my oldest son decided to attend a Christ based college. There has never been another time in my sons life where I have seen him so happy and embracing the Lord. He loves the school, his roommate, new girlfriend, and the fact that all are traveling along a path that is being directed in a Christian based manner. I am thankful that my son feels the Lords love so that he can embrace the gift that he is receiving
Because this tells of all that I have been doing as well I am posting on Friday Fragments as well on Friday’s FreeWrite

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