Posted by: shopannies | September 3, 2009

Thirteen events first year of Princess life

Wow!!!!!! I can not even believe that the first year of my grand babies life has went so fast. I love her so very much and she has tried many new things in her life. here is a short list of 13 things that she did in her first year of life
  1. learned to hold her head up and look around
  2. She was a cat for her first Halloween
  3. she learned to find her hands and feet
  4. got her first bath
  5. she learned to sit up
  6. she had her first christmas
  7. celebrated her first valentine day
  8. learned to say her first word dada
  9. took her first bath in the big tub
  10. learned to hold her own bottle
  11. learned to crawl
  12. learned to pull self up
  13. learned to walk with help

this my list of 13 that I will be posting to the blog Thursday 13.

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