Posted by: shopannies | October 19, 2009

As The Season Changes God Love Stays Strong as Always

The subject at the Gathering At The Well group has turned to season changing as well.
Genesis 8:22
While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease
The seasons change in rapid secession and in each season Gods love remains the same that we can rely on and that will protect us. As for me Fall or Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Gods coloring book comes to life with all the tree leaves changing colors. The wonderful reds, golds, browns, all come together to form a super coloring page. I also remember that old camp song about it only taking a spark to show Gods love. One thing that we do is often have a bonfire where we can gather around and share the blessing that God has created in our lives. As we talk the sparks seem to spread Christian love. It is a wonderful feeling to warm up with the great Love of our Lord on the inside.
I volunteer at my church allot with the youth, teaching a Sunday school class, and volunteering in the younger years class as well. I spend many hours working for the Lord and studying his word this helps to pass time quickly to where the seasonal depression does not drop in.
want to share or see what others say about this subject? Visit the Titus2atthewell group

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