Posted by: shopannies | December 17, 2009

Cowgirl Chocolates Review

What type of snack do you like? Sweet or Spicy? I am often told that I am a sweet person and while I love to eat my sweets I also love my spicy food as well. If you are like me then you will love Cowgirl Chocolates where the spice is built into the chocolate. Many of us have tasted delicious caramels and chocolates. Cowgirl Chocolates have taken this just a bit further by including ingredients such as habenerao peppers or a splash of raspberry lemonade. Wow what a kick it places in the delicious chocolates available at Cowgirl Chocolates.

We were able to sample some of the delicious chocolates that were sent to us by the Cowgirl Chocolate makers. They were delicious but because we received the assortment set with no instructions on which were hot or not when that spicy kick hit your mouth when not expecting it the candy seemed to bite back. WOW!!!! The delicious taste mixed with a spicy kick was great in my opinion. If you do not like spice then they have a package just for you of sweet chocolates with no spice. But if you adore that spicy kick then take the challenge and purchase the chocolate with the spicy peppers mixed in.

The Cowgirl Chocolates arrive wrapped in beautiful colors and would make the perfect gift for any occasion including Christmas. Do you have a person on the list that adores spice or sweets? Then look no further than Cowgirl Chocolates.

The words I share are my opinion only so you may want to try it for yourself to see if my review is worthy or not. Purchase the cowgirl chocolates from their website at

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