Posted by: shopannies | December 27, 2009

What a Wonderous Christmas with pictures

a couple of brothers sitting together. The oldest one wondering what his wife bought the younger one.
wow!!! did you see all my nana and papa got me?

yes thats right my mom said dress up and this is as good as it gets

which one did you say was mine? What if I take them all

I think I am ready for Christmas

It’s been a great visit with my eldest son.

0.k ladies I’m ready to go Merry Christmas!!!!

I want to open this one first.

We came to visit nana and papa and me and daddy are going to open this present when mom is not watching. SHHHH!!!!! dont tell

Papa and Princess

The Christmas tree piled with presents what a blessed Christmas we have

What do you think? Dont forget you can win your lil one a buddy top as well. Just enter the giveaway located on this blog

Don’t ever trust these three very far. I think one day they may take over the flock but wonder what the leadership will be like LOL

I am having so much fun thanks for taking a look at our Christmas pictures.

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