Posted by: shopannies | February 16, 2010

In "other" Words Tuesdays : Feb 16

This week the host for In “other” Words is Heart Choices. The selected passage is the following:

As I often tell my children in my Sunday School class. The freedom to worship him is not always free. Those in foreign countries often must worship in groups not to let those in charge know they are Christians. Many others do not even know that there is a freedom as great as our Lord Jesus Christ. Our job as Christians is to share the message that we have heard with others.

As a mom of teens I have tried to raise my children to do as they should. I have learned that after our our prayers, our personal actions demonstrating what should be done and faith that they will follow through in their personal lives. They have the freedom to keep the Lord the spotlight of their personal life or to forsake their upbringing and go on with life. They face daily influences from teens, to attractions that they know are not meant for Christians. However, they will find true freedom if they only grasp onto their knowledge of him, the manners of which they have grown and keep their eye on the goal. Perhaps this is the true meaning of the scripture to me. However, this does not only affect teens as in life we all find the obstacles to go on a different path of life rather than the one that we are on that is led by the faith in our Lord. In my own life I have found many obstacles and fallen off the road only to find my way back to the freedom that is granted when we place our lives in our Lords hands.

What do you think?


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