Posted by: shopannies | April 19, 2010

LIDO Salad

Homemaker Monday hosted by the blog 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven

This recipe comes from a rotarian cookbook from the early 1970’s and looks like it may of been from California. I found it in Illinois at a little thrift shop, me and my love for cookbooks.

LIDO Salad

2 packages of strawberry jello

1 package of lemon jello

2 packages of frozen strawberries

1 #2 can crushed pineapples

2 mashed bananas

1 package pecans

1 large carton sour cream

Dissolve the jello in 3 c boiling water Add the frozen berries. Chop up berries in the hot mix. Then add fruit and nuts. Put 1/2 mix into a large flat container. Chill and let harden. When firm “frost” with large carton of sour cream Pour over 1/2 mix on top and chill.

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