Posted by: shopannies | April 30, 2010

Thank You to two of my best friends always at the ready

My son just left for his senior trip. He will be back real late tonight. Again my best friend, my sister in law helped out. God bless her soul. She raises 3 kids, takes care of her house and her husband and is always there to help whoever needs it. My daughter is a lot like her but lives too far away to help us out a whole lot but is always at the ready to give advice, have a great conversation and to be there for those that need her. These two ladies are quite busy with their own children, their houses and responsibilities and still are great help to me. I wanted to honor them both with a thank you this morning. Thank you for all you two do. This being Aloha Friday which is hosted by An Island Life I wanted to ask you all a question as well.

Who is your best friend? Who is it that needs a big thank you for being there in your life? Who is it that seems to be there no matter what you need?

For me there are many but the ones that I go to all the time are the two girls I mention my sis in law and my oldest daughter. Thank you


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