Posted by: shopannies | May 3, 2010

Monday Mayhem

1. What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

6 a.m

2. What do you do for the first hour of your day?

get myself refreshed, pray, go to bathroom, meds and etc…

3. Where did or will you have for lunch today?

had lunch with those that cook for highschoolers at church

4. What did you or will you be eating lunch?

sloppy joe, moz sticks, salad, fries

5. What is your best high school memory?

lots of them, lunch time and band time sorround several of them

6. Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.

my leather thongs I have had them a few years and love them

7. What does a perfect Sunday afternoon include for you?

rest, blog, sunshine

8. Was there one book that you read as a child that you still cherish?

there were many one that I read my sisters and brothers alot was a book filled with short stories I think there was one page for the story we loved this and I read to them every night

9. How would the people that know you personally describe you? \

sweet seems to the word used alot

10. How would the people who only know you online describe you?

talkative, shares a lot of recipes, mom

11. How will you be treating yourself today?

great like always how do you treat yourself

12. What is your definition of being spiritual? Are you spiritual?

Spiritual does not sorround any organized religion myself, it is instead loving the Lord and all that he has provided for us

what would your answers be? Play along here


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