Posted by: shopannies | May 7, 2010

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday is hosted by the blog An Island Life every friday. In Hawaii Fridays are a day to take it easy. Bloggers follow suit and take it easy asking an easy questions for those who visit to comment and answer

I have been blessed with many great ladies in my life from my great grandmas to my mother they have all been strong ladies. My great grandma was a school teacher and was a very smart lady. I can remember having great conversations with her and then watched her as she slowly declined. My great grandma noni was a special lady that I have fond memories of. My grandmother H. my moms mom was a strong lady as well as being very smart. She enjoyed nature and being a farmers wife was where she took pride. Active in the church I will never forget how pretty she sang. My grandmother S. on my daddy’s side was a special lady as well. She loved to look her best, was a person that taught me a lot about working hard and how to be a lady. My mother was a person that I love very much but our relationship was not always great. I can remember many years of being rebellious and having a distant relationship with her. My mom never gave up though she kept trying and was always there. The year I was so busy with sick children I forgot my own birthday, the year I was in the hospital with my daughter and she showed up with cupcakes for my sons party at school. Yes you can say I feel very lucky that I was blessed with all these wonderful ladies in my life.

With all that said my Aloha Friday question to you is:
Do you have a fond memory of your mom or grandmother or another special lady in your life? If you want you can share with me.


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