Posted by: shopannies | May 18, 2010

In Other Words :

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And he said, The God of our fathers hath chosen thee, that thou shouldest know his will, and see that Just One, and shouldest hear the voice of his mouth

Acts 22:14

God created us in the image of himself. He wants to be here in our daily lives and yet there are times that we don’t let him in. I can remember as a young girl one of my favorite places to pray and talk to my Lord was outside under a tree where no one was. I felt closer to him there in that solitude place. Life is not so solitude in fact we often get so busy we loose track of all things including our walk with the Lord. Luckily I am in the practice of being in constant conversation with our heavenly father. I was once told that you can talk to him where ever you are for he will always listen. The second part is that you must remember to listen. When my son was younger he could not understand what it meant for God to talk to you. After all we could not see him so how could we talk to him. Gently there were some men at our church that shared with him their experiences and how to listen for the voice of our Lord. Now my son shares with others that you must be quiet, be prepared and ready to listen to hear the voice of God for it may come through the scriptures (Proverbs 4), dreams, through your conscience, people we meet or in any manner in which he can grab our attention.

God can talk to us through daily life in a manner that is gentle and soft when we are prepared to listen. It is at those times when we are finding life go in a different direction when we are not sure what road we are on and where it will lead us that he must yell to get our attention. I can remember my daddy when I was good would have such a peaceful verse and yet when I would misbehave or be in danger that peaceful verse would rise sharply and take on a tone that I knew I needed to listen and obey. That is how it is with our Heavenly fathers voice when we are walking side by side with him he can whisper and talk softly and we will hear him but it is when the world seems to cover us up that he must raise his voice so that we know he is still there with us. If we choose to listen and obey he will protect us.
What is your thoughts on the quote? I shared mine and now it is your turn.

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