Posted by: shopannies | May 26, 2010

Three Wild Girls

I have so much trouble getting a picture of three girls. When they are together they are too busy chatting and having fun to stay still. Guess thats what cousins are all about. I can remember me and my cousins we were very close as well. I know that my hubby was close to his cousins as well. One small thing that makes the world sweeter are cousins


  1. I so agree! I have a cousin with two daughters that are close to my own two daughters ages and I think that has made us even closer as adults than we were as children!

  2. How cute 🙂 You are so right about cousins… 🙂 Family is of utmost importance 🙂

  3. What a fun pic!!!

  4. I agree. I have tons of cousins and I miss being with them.

  5. I'll take any photos with cousins I can get! LOL I didn't grow up with cousins and am so glad my boys get to see theirs at least occasionally!~Mimi @ Marvelous Mom Reviews

  6. Looks like they're having fun. We always had fun hanging out with our cousins when we were younger.

  7. How nice! They are very lucky ladies, indeed. So nice to have good friends in the family.

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