Posted by: shopannies | May 31, 2010

Ways we can all save money

One reason that I started this blog was to share the knowledge that I gained over the years of being a mom. While I love my blog and all that I share I think there are a few things that I can still share. For years I have looked for ways to save money. Raising six (6) children, taking care of my kid brother, and wanting the best for all of them we were always looking for ways to save money. Here are a few tips that we tried they may work for you as well.

  • make your own: food from scratch, cleaning supplies, etc… I all ready share recipes that our family loves and I will start sharing cleaner recipes, etc… here as well
  • clip coupons: this is one thing that my daughter keeps me up on. I will be sharing sites and coupon printable that she lets me know about. She is like the queen of coupons. Yes, I taught her in the beginning but she has learned so much more
  • entertainment on a budget: from getting a library card where ours has not only books but videos to rent, to outdoor events that are free for the family, to simple little picnics and outings there are always things you can do to entertain on a budget.
  • make a shopping list and stick to it: I love this idea and I not only make a list but because I have been shopping at the few stores in our area for long periods of time I also create a price list. I know my grocery budget and when that budget is done then I am done. However: using my system when things or on sale or prices are lower then I sometimes can pick up a thing or two that I could not figure into the budget
  • Use those leftovers: I love to reserve leftovers in creative ways my children know they are leftovers but they do not mind when it is not the exact same meal. I will be sharing more ideas on how to use those leftovers on my blog as well.
  • Use less: one tip I have learned from other bloggers is that what is recommended on packages is not always what is needed. I love this idea. One good test that was taught to me to see if you are using too much laundry detergent is to wash a load of towels without using detergent. When they fill up and look in at the point where the suds should be seen if you see suds and you did not use detergent then you know that you have been using too much


  1. Good good tips! Another great one is to save $$ on your cell phone bill. To do so, you should start by switching from a contract phone to a pay as you go cell phone. This will guarentee you save about $30/month. I switched to my Net10 pay as you go cell phone. Instead of the usual $100 a month, I'm spending only $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and email (data). There are no overage, cancellation, or activation fees. Once you have this, you can get rid of your landline. If you have unlimited talk, there is no need for a landline. I definitely recommend this.

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