Posted by: shopannies | June 1, 2010

First of Month Shopping

I am not for sure how often you go shopping but I go twice a month. The first time I also pick up all the household supplies for the month. I create a list of meals that I will be having (all ready posted first week) during the two week period, create a shopping list based on the menu, check all my staples to see what I will be needing, and then make a list of household supplies that we are running low on. The final step is to check with my teens to see if they will need in the two week period. If it doesn’t make the list it doesn’t get purchased which means they will be picking it up their selves out of their own money. This helps them to turn in a shopping list of their needs as well. When the list are created it is compared to the budget allowable for the two week period and adjusted if need be. That is how I prepare for a shopping trip. What is your routine when you are preparing to shop? Do you shop daily, weekly, monthly? I would love to hear your tips as well.


  1. I shop weekly for the regular grocery store and go to our produce market (or call DH in the field) to get anything fresh we need as we need it. Some items we can pick from the fields or orchards near the house, so I get the freshest produce possible. Meat and staples I only buy once a month or so.

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