Posted by: shopannies | June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend at the Park

We attended a church picnic during memorial day weekend. I had so much fun visiting with friends and watching the little ones have fun. Here are a few pictures I took while there

I so loved watching this little girl playing baseball. I do not think she has ever played before. Those playing were so great with her not allowing her to give up on hitting the ball. She stood there and swung hard and spun around. She did hit that ball finally and was so delighted.

I took this picture of the area of the park by the lagoon. It looks a bit cloudy in this picture and we did worry about it possibly raining but the rain held off and we all had great fun

These two little girls dancing and twirling in the wind were so super cute to watch. I can remember their mommies expecting them, the great excitement when they were born and all the wonderful fun that they had this day was just as wonderful as those special moments

Yes he is in the tree. This little boy so shy and sweet as much as he is active and curious is a little boy that I had in my Sunday school class. He is an intriguing young man that I look forward to getting to watch as he grows.

This is the picture of the new bridge. Some of the wonderful work that they are doing at the park. Nice work guys I very much like it.



  1. sweet pictures, looks like everyone hd a fantastic timeHelen

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