Posted by: shopannies | June 4, 2010

Saving Money with Coupons, watching for store sells, buying in bulk

With a house full of teens and hefty appetites buying groceries on a budget can often be difficult. There are always the little things that they want and then there are the meals that will please hubby and still suffice the teens. How do you get all this on a budget? Well, there are coupons that help out Coupons can be found in Sundays paper, in magazines (all you is a great source), on the Internet (facebook has been great resource). Free Sample Freak and Coupon Dad are a couple of great resources on the Internet

Watch out for store sales whether advertised or unadvertised. Sometimes I will walk into a grocery store and find that something is at a tremendous sale but was an unadvertised sale. Kroger’s is one of my favorite stores to find this type of sale. I have found cleaners at close outs at .49 a bottle, produce marked downs are always great as they will slash prices before they expire and milk and dairy products are another great place to find unadvertised sales. Check those shoppers and printed ads before heading to the store and making a list will help you to find the best buys and price check against other stores. You may be lucky enough to have a store in your area that will price match advertised sales.

You may find that buying in bulk is also a great way to shop. However you need to be aware to see which is the better buy the bulk buy or the smaller package. You may be surprised to see this as I have found it both ways. If you do buy in bulk I love to break it down into meals as I shop, you can freeze fruit that you get a great buy in that you will not be able to use with in the perishable time period. You can even freeze cheese which is a tip that I just learned from a fellow blogger. when freezing browned meat or the meat you will use for the meal that you will also need cheese with freeze them together so when it comes time to prepare the meal you have it all on hand.

I would love to hear any tips you may have.

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