Posted by: shopannies | June 7, 2010

Happy Homemaking Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods:

rather warm but with a nice breeze, still not that bad love to be outside

Things That Make Me Happy:

the breeze that can be felt in the warm weather

Books that I am reading:

need to get into a good book but I haven’t had that much time

What I am enjoying on T.V.

new episode of pawn shop and america picker on tonight

What was supper:

I was having too much trouble setting up new blog so hubby fixed hotdogs and fries

In the Craft Basket:

new craft idea for my sunday school class I am on the look out have one?

Looking forward to this week:

my son coming home from mission trip with lots of stories

Tips and Tricks:

I may have a few once I get used to this new blog

My Favorite Blog Post this Week:

I’ve been a bit busy this week sorry guys

Blog Hopping:

sorry guys but please check mine out and subscribe to email please i would love it don’t know how to set up followers yet

Lesson learned past few days:

theres a lot of learning going on here with the new blog set up

On my mind:

besides the blog it would be my son and his youth group on the mission field




  1. Must be the week for moving blogs. LOL! I moved mine too.

    Hope you had a Happy Monday 🙂

  2. Sounds like everyone is moving blogs lately, I’ll have to keep up with everyone LOL

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