Posted by: shopannies | June 9, 2010

Works For ME Tips for Cleaning


With all the teens at home Cleaning takes on a whole new world. Here are some great easy cleaning tips if you are like more short on time and patience

  • spot cleaning the floor is easy if you keep a cleaner and sponge in quick reach all you have to do is spray and wipe
  • on those muddy days when them seem to track in every drop of mud from the yard be sure to clean these up immediately as soon as they happen if you wait they will turn into bigger messes.
  • have your kids help you clean. Use plastic garbage bags to clean as you clean you will have a sense of accomplishing  using the smaller bags will let your child think they are doing a great job and are accomplishing their goal
  • use the plastic garbage bag to throw away stinky messy trash as well. This will keep the tall kitchen garbage bag smelling good and not make as much of a mess and the stinky and messy stuff goes out of the house before smelling the house up
  • a mini size dust pan and broom that can be purchased at the dollar store for $1 can be used on the counters and appliances Using the mini dust pan set you can sweep the crumbs into the pan and they will not end up on the floor.
  • wearing an apron while cleaning can help as well. keep a ziplock bag in one of the apron pockets this can hold a wet rag so you are ready for the mess that may occur A small notepad and pen can go in one of those pockets as well for the little things you think you may wan to blog, write a list etc… 

Do you have any tips for quick summer clean up? I would love to hear them share them in the comments please

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