Posted by: shopannies | June 10, 2010

Book Review: Where The Jobs Are Now

I have had this book for a while but with all the going on I was not able to read and post about it. It was a great book and I believe would help teens and those that are graduating from colleges wondering where their next step will lead them.

WHERE THE JOBS ARE NOW: The Fastest Growing Industries and How to Break Into Them (McGraw-Hill Professional; January, 2010), by Joe Watson.

The author of the book Joe Watson helps to show how the pattern of jobs is growing but moving away from where they originated. Industries such as health care, government, education, green energy, security, information, technology, and biotechnology It seems as though we may be in the middle of a great evolution of jobs as in the past. The book offers hope to those in jobs they don’t really like and those without jobs through real life stories from those that have found jobs. The book offers ideas and tips to those looking for job and those wanting a different field of work. If this is you then you should check it out.

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