Posted by: shopannies | June 12, 2010

Small Talk SIx


This week theme is 6 signs of stress. Mine would be:

  1. the teens know that I am definitely stressed when I start shouting demands that they need to do (do they follow these demands? They do as little as they have to and know mom will calm down shortly)
  2. I have a very nervous habit of frantically running my fingers through my hair when under stress
  3. I go on a clean the house campaign. Hubby loves it when I get stressed out enough because the house ends up spotless
  4. take off on a walk when i take about an hour walk the stress seems to go away so if I suddenly take off when in the heat of the moment don’t worry I will be back
  5. chewing my fingernails it seems this is why I can’t grow them long
  6. At the final step of being stressed out I may say a few things that I don’t mean to I then end up asking for forgiveness after calming down.

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