Posted by: shopannies | June 21, 2010

Summer Time Crafts for Kids


View ImageSummer Time Crafts for Kids


Sun Prints – Anyone who’s left their child’s construction paper project sitting in the kitchen window knows that bright sun makes construction paper fade. Why not take advantage of that? Cut some shapes out of re-adhesive paper, stick them to construction paper and hang them in a window. After about a week you can peel off the stencils and you have a great card or picture to hang in your room. The most fun part is making the stencils, let them be as creative as they want with it!

Permanent Sandcastle – Buy about 3 cups of play sand from your local hardware store, 1 and a half cups of corn starch and about a cup of water. Mix all those ingredients together in an old cooking pot, and cook it over very low heat always stirring. Once it’s thick enough, let it cool, then spoon it out onto some newspaper. With this concoction you can make a sand castle into any shape you want and after it dries it’ll stay like that forever! This is great for smaller children around ages 4-6.


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